Saturday, April 20, 2013

Clue (1985) ★★★★☆

Cinema, movies, series, documentaries are a major source of entertainment and inspiration. I intend to dedicate a number of blog articles to those movies that I think deserve attention. For my first entry, I will not go into a major violent blockbuster. You'll have to wait a bit for those.


Clue is a movie adaptation of the game with the same name. A squire has sent invitations to many guests, most of whom don't know each other. What do they have in common? The movie will reveal it. But most importantly, in "Clue" fashion, a murder will take place. While avoiding to fall victim to the unknown murderer, the guests will conduct their investigation.

My verdict:

The ambiance remains faithful to the Victorian mystery-heavy ambiance of the game. The comedy ventures into ridicule and exaggeration willfully... which could turn some people off... but if you're ok with an over-the-top comedy (a bit reminiscent of the Louis De Funès movies), you're in for a treat. The scenario is clever enough to let you suspect everybody and yet it is coherent enough to provide a logical conclusion that astute viewers had a fair chance to guess. I give it a 4 star rating (out of 5)

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