Monday, April 29, 2013

SimCity free of charge... legally

Certainly one of the most iconic video games ever, SimCity has been an inspiration to the whole video game industry. The concept is simple: you manage the development of a city from the budget to the planning of residential, commercial and industrial areas, transport infrastructures, police and fire department... You deal with the aftermath of natural disasters (I guess Godzilla is considered natural) and tackle the day-to-day problems like traffic jams, pollution, criminality...

5 years ago, the copyright owners of SimCity have decided to release the source code of SimCity under a Free Open Source Software license (GNU GPL v3). This free open-source edition of SimCity has been renamed MicroPolis and runs on Java. It allows the game to run on modern platforms and to be compatible with many systems (Windows XP, Win7, Linux, OS X).

You can get the game for free from MicroPolis repository.

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