Friday, April 26, 2013

The Method ★★★★☆

Seven applicants for a position of CEO in a corporation find themselves together in a meeting room where exercises will pit them against one another. No recruiter is to be seen. Only instructions on a monitor, leading to the elimination of one candidate after the other. Who's more deserving? Who has the least scruples?

My verdict:
This is a great movie. On the outside, it is already a good movie with a great tension of group dynamics. We see how the characters fight with words, how they demean each other or promote themselves. At a deeper level, it is a reflection of powerful people locked at the top of an ivory tower playing politics while people on the ground (there are anti-G8 protests in the streets) are trying to have their voices heard and communicate about their harsh lives. I rate it only 4 stars due to a few quirks in the rhythm of the movie, which prevent it from getting the top score. Highly recommended!

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