Saturday, May 18, 2013

Conspiracies and theories

Conspiracies have existed, exist and will always exist. They are part of politics or geopolitics and they make great background for movies. One of the most famous conspiracies was the attack on the Bay of Pigs by JFK's men. Sadly for JFK, the Internet would describe it today as #FAIL.

Another conspiracy was the one for JFK's murder. Who did it and why, the public doesn't have certainties. But it is certain that he was not murdered by a single man who, from his own initiative, committed the act.

Martin Luther King committing suicide... it didn't happen but it nearly did. This was a conspiracy from Edgar Hoover who thought civil rights were not a good idea and who framed MLK in every way possible and blackmailed MLK so he would end his life.

When you read about the detailed history of the 20th century, you'll find a tremendous amount of conspiracies that were real.

But now, what is fun and crazy is the conspiracies that are "completely out there" and which don't even bother with scientific evidence.

Flat-Earth Society: these guys (fortunately, there's not too many of them) refuse the idea that the Earth is round. So they think we're living on a disc with the North Pole at the center and the Antarctic being an ice wall at the limit of the disc... which conveniently prevents our oceans from pouring into space. It's loony but if you think it has potential for some fun, you may be interested in reading the comedic novels "Discworld" by Terry Pratchett.

Hollow Earth: Remember Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth? Some people take it very seriously. And they even considered the existence of one or more "ground" layers inside our planet, with some air, while an inner star would be lighting things up inside our Earth.

Reptilians: it's one version of the old "they're among us" conspiracy theory. In this version, there are alien creatures disguised as humans and preparing the future for us to be their food. Their original appearance is that of reptile humanoids, but since they can change their appearance at will (convenient!) they can pass as humans and plot our demise.

Predictive Programming: According to this one, what we see in movies conditions us to accept without question some later events which are totally staged. Like the words "Sandy Hook" that appeared in a few frames (and still you needed a microscope to see it) of the 2012 Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises... So I guess the whole hurricane was fake, huh?


We established that conspiracies exist and named a few.
We discussed conspiracy theories without mentioning 9/11.
We went over a few of the very crazy conspiracy theories.

If something looks crazy and incompatible with the established science... it probably is crazy indeed.

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