Thursday, May 9, 2013

Robot and Frank (2012) ★★★★☆


In the near future, Frank is an elderly man with memory losses and minor symptoms of dementia. His son Hunter is already busy with a family of his own and cannot make time anymore to visit Frank every week, so he brings his old man a robot so the robot can help Frank with menial tasks and supervise daily exercises to maintain Frank's memory. Having a past record as a burglar, Frank enrolls the robot in a heist for robbing a rare edition of a book (destined to destruction in the new computerized world) so he can offer it to Jennifer, the librarian he is attracted to.

My verdict

The scenario is original and smart with twists. Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon play their respective roles with excellence. Liv Tyler, on the other hand, overdoes it, and while her looks are appealing to the viewer, her voice is an unbearable concerto of whining. The musical pieces are discrete and support aptly the moods conveyed in most scenes. The ending is proper, and what's really good in a science-fiction story: it is a story about people and the "science" element is not the focus. My only complaint with the direction is a feeling of slowness halfway through the film. But all in all, I highly recommend it and rate it 4 stars.

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