Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Terminal Invasion (2002) ★★★★☆


On a blizzard night, 15 people from different walks of life find themselves stranded in an airport with no hope of getting their flight nor driving away. As is soon revealed, some of these people are ill-intentioned aliens convincingly disguised as humans. Who's who? Who will survive and who won't?

My verdict

Opinions on this film diverge greatly but I am of the mind that it is a rare gem. Yes it is cheap and yes it is cheesy. But everything in Terminal Invasion screams "I am a play, not a movie". Like plays, you find a unit of place and a unit of time for each scene. And even though characters may move from one room to another, the overall airport is reminiscent of a no-exit sort of play. If you can look beyond the B-movie looks of this film and embrace it as the play it really is, you'll enjoy one of the rare plays including aliens and be rewarded with the smiles it invokes and the thrill of always wondering who's an alien and who's not. An original movie, however cheap, worthy of 4 stars.

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