Friday, June 7, 2013

Into the wild (2007) ★★★★★


Christopher, 22 years old, just graduated with high honors from university. Telling his parents that graduating was his last act of submission to the family's authority rather than his ambition, he leaves them, destroys his identity documents, and separates himself from all his possessions except his old car, which is soon destroyed. He travels across the USA, thirsty to discover nature and the world as it really is. His journey will take him far and will bring him to meet people who will contribute to the building of his character and his world view.

My verdict

This is a truly beautiful movie. The scenario may be simple, but it is original, easy to follow, and it doesn't remove anything from the images and experiences that the main character is exposed to. It is deeply humane, emotional, and it helps the viewer distancing himself from the everyday scenery of house, car, work, shops, house. In some ways, the character's views of the world and nature are idealized beyond what we can suppose of a life of wandering. But still it remains powerful. It deserves 5 stars!

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