Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lord of War (2005) ★★★★☆


Yuri Orlov is the elder son of Ukrainian immigrants to the United States. Growing up in a modest setting, his life changes upon the realization that humans have an almost biological thirst for weapons. Starting from the sale of a single weapon, he is aiming for the top of his profession and embarks on a life-changing career, providing the means to people's most violent ends.

My verdict

The story is truly gripping. Cage's performance is good and for once he's not embodying a character with psychological conflicts. In Lord of War, he is a rather apathetic and cynical salesman whose industry is death. In order to give more flesh to the story, the scenario intertwines family life with the character's career but this is not what the movie's about. It is a man's lonely journey in the pursuit of a lucrative career and whose actions are not without consequence. It is also the story of millions of people whom we dismiss when news anchors announce the numbers of their deaths, "the people in, you know, those countries over there". It is also a story about truth, since it is inspired by the life of a real person: Viktor Bout. Finally, it is a story about what our countries do in our name, behind closed doors, organizing the deaths of millions of people in order to gain money or political influence over foreign countries. It is a shocking movie about a monster, but it is also a salutary movie for revealing the reality. If you can stomach cynicism and violence, you'll greatly enjoy this 4 stars movie.

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