Wednesday, June 26, 2013


OK... So, I try to keep up with the rhythm of almost 1 article a day and I try to keep articles interesting, though it is a challenging thing to do. Kudos to people who succeed at that, especially those who are not professional writers! And of course, I publish a movie every so often, as a filler, as already explained in the past. Mind you, I only publish reviews of movies with a 4 or 5 stars rating (out of a maximum of 5 stars). So if you haven't checked my reviews yet and you're looking for a good movie to watch, you might find gems that you haven't heard about before.

But there are times when I get so busy several days in a row that the blog doesn't get the love it deserves. In the past few days, I've been busy with intense programming (making macros and tools that will help a friend in her job) and gardening. Pro tip: before you plant a tree in your garden, get information on how big it grows, how strong are its wood and its roots, and how difficult it will be to remove its roots from the ground, even 3 years after you've chopped down the tree! Lychee is bad! On a scale of vanilla-ice-cream-good to creamy-cheese-bad, it ranks pretty near cheese. Admittedly, this scale is not (yet) official but I'm hopeful.

Anyways... I hope to have a little more time on my hands for the blog in the coming days. Some long articles have been in preparation for months and I need to finish them. Good night my sweet blog!

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