Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ruby Sparks (2012) ★★★★☆


Calvin is a young author whose first book brought him instantly to success and stardom within literary circles. However, he is leading an uneventful life in his home that he shares solely with his dog Scotty. While fans and literary professionals are dying to discover his next book, Calvin is struggling with writing, unable to find novel ideas despite the support of his psychiatrist. One fine day, he starts writing about Ruby, a young woman whom he met in his dreams. But after a few days of writing and more struggling, Ruby happens to be there in person, in Calvin's home, unaware of being a fictional character.

My verdict:

The story starts like a lame romantic comedy for teenagers. The scenario, or the cut, is clumsy because of a rhythm which seems poorly mastered. Some sequences drag too long while others are too short and under-exploited, not giving out all their potential. However, the film progresses towards more control and, near the end, a grandiose scene of absolute genius... a true masterpiece. The ending itself falls a little short of what it could have been. I do have some issues, especially in these times of new vigor of feminism, with the notion that the female character is an object while the male character is a subject. This theme reminds me (fortunately little) of the 1985 movie "Weird science" but Ruby Sparks treats the topic in a far more mature manner. The performance is correct wrt. the role of Calvin and pretty good wrt. the role of Ruby, whose actress also happens to have created the scenario. So, despite a slow-ish first half of the movie, it gets much better in the second half with a true apotheosis near the end. That scene is anthology material and all in all the movie earns  4 stars.

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