Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shine (1996) ★★★★☆


David Helfgott, an excentric but friendly man with obvious mental issues takes refuge from the rain in a restaurant.After the employees have driven him back to his flat, the film flashbacks to David's youth. David is a brilliant pianist at just 10 years old, thanks to the teaching of his father who teaches music abusively to all his children. Because of the family's poverty and the father's close-mindedness, David's future is uncertain. But M. Rosen who was a member of the jury at a local piano competition decides to take David under his wing.

My verdict:

The main theme of this movie is about unforeseen events in the life of a talented youth. Adversities build strengths and strengths lead to challenges, failures and frustrations. Even for the musically-challenged, there is much delight in the classical melodies and performances. The relationships between characters display a great deal of humanity. And actors do a good job at impersonating their characters. It deserves a 4 stars rating.

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