Friday, June 28, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) ★★★★☆


In order to save Spock's life, Captain Kirk breaks Starfleet's prime directive (interfering with primitive civilizations). Kirk therefore gets demoted and the Enterprise's command is taken away from him and attributed to Admiral Pike. Seeing the potential of Kirk, Pike manages to bring Kirk in his team as his second in command. This is when a terrorist attack, engineered by a single man, is carried out against one of Starfleet's buildings. It seems a single-handed war is being initiated against Starfleet by a surprisingly resourceful man.

My verdict

My very first feeling upon watching this movie was that it was really good. The scientific incoherence (almost unavoidable in any sci-fi story) is kept to a reasonable low. The actors' performance is very good and the villain is very stylish. I don't know whether JJ Abrams intends to continue making Star Trek movies but there is an obvious intention to give secondary characters an important role and make their names stick in the viewer's head: Scotty, Sulu, Uhura... The scenario's complexity achieves a good balance:  not too simplistic and not too retort. It also manages to include elements that remind us of USA's history of the past 12 years with the war on terror and ask smart questions like: "Can we and should we be allowed to circumvent the law and carry out all-out crimes like murder on suspects?". And it does so brilliantly. Well played, JJ! Some scenes also allow the movie to explore the complexity of the characters' personalities, in particular Spock's personality. While it does not do anything really new, Star Trek Into Darkness does everything very well and it deserves 4 stars.

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