Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Ghost Writer (2010) ★★★★☆


A ghost writer gets hired by Adam Lang, a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in order to finish his incomplete biography. This (unnamed) ghost writer takes over the unfinished works from another author who was found dead a month earlier on a beach after drowning in what seems to be a suicidal move. While this writing works takes place on an American island where Lang owns a secondary residence, the European media are frantic against the ex-PM against whom the International Court of Justice has opened an investigation for his potential involvement in the Extraordinary Rendition Program (CIA's streak of kidnappings, secret prisons, and torture).

My verdict:

Excellent movie. The scenario is great. So is the performance of all actors. But what truly makes the magic happen is the unsettling ambiance of mystery and intrigue, and the evolution of the main character (the writer). Music is also an essential part of the ambiance and it skillfully reinforces the mood of each scene. All in all, an excellent investigation/thriller movie falls just short of 5 stars but more than deserves a 4 star rating.

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