Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Earth (2011) ★★★★☆


Rhoda Williams is a 17 year-old who long dreamt about space and who was just accepted at MIT. When the car radio announced the apparition of a planet with an atmosphere in our sky, she lifted her eyes to have a look and lost control of her vehicle killing the passengers of another car. 4 years later, after being released from jail, she participates into a radio contest to win a seat as an astronaut on board the rocket headed for Earth2.

My verdict

There is a little bit of science-fiction in the apparition of Earth2 but that's just it. Another Earth is a psychological drama. The shooting with handheld cameras only, reminds me of Lars Von Trier's "dogme 95" which brings a very personal and credible ambiance. The performance and the actors' body movements truly make the story believable. The music contributes as it should to the ambiance of each scene. This is a good movie where science-fiction is but a pretext for creating a story about people's feelings. Worth 4 stars.

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