Friday, July 26, 2013

Electricity outage

Today my electricity (and therefore computer) was down from 10AM to 5PM. Therefore I won't write the kind of article that would be "normal" for this blog. Instead, I'll only recommend you to think about how you would be affected and how you would react if your electricity was down for several (up to 72) hours.

In the middle of the day, you can read. The kettle can't work so you have to boil water in a pan. And you need matches in order to ignite the gas of your cooker. The computer doesn't work so... no internet. Or maybe some internet by using your phone. But how long will the phone's battery last? Do you have a solar device like GoalZero's Nomad7 that can refill your phone and tablet's battery using solar energy? Do you have camping lamps (on gas, batteries, hand-powered, or even a gravity light) that will allow you to do something during your evening rather than just go to sleep?

Fridge is down. Lamps are down. Heaters (if electric) and Aircon are down. TV is down. Radio is down, unless you have a battery-powered or hand-powered radio. In such circumstances, maybe your best option is to call a friend or a relative who could host you during this outage.

That's it for today. I'm not fully satisfied with this article but problems happen. Enjoy the comfort of your electricity!

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