Friday, July 19, 2013

Take that, mosquito!

A mosquito just flew around, promising to gun for me in my sleep. But after missing the mosquito a few times, I finally got him!


I know! This does not qualify as a decent article but... well... sometimes emotions overwhelm intelligence. OK, so here's just a bit of intelligence to make amend. I live on an island and we have problems with both mosquitoes and sharks. And by the way a teenager lost her life to a shark this week. But mosquitoes are a whooping 80,000 times more deadly than sharks with an approximate 800,000 victims every year as compared with less than 10.

In the meantime, we, the human specie, kill about 100 million sharks every year. This is an absolute massacre, largely driven by Asia's consumption of shark fin soup. The head count of some species has dropped by 90%. The great white shark is now considered "vulnerable", which is 1 step short of being an endangered specie. While we may not empathize with sharks, we should be concerned because they're the garbage removal service of the oceans. And we don't want to live in a place where garbage accumulates.


gotcha, mosquito!

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