Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tokyo Gore Police (2008) ★★★★☆


Not only is this the first and most violent film that I have reviewed so far. This is also the most violent and bloody that I have ever seen. It even beats "Dead Alive" and "Spartacus: blood and sand" by a long shot. The scenes are graphic to a grotesque degree and intended to shock the audience. Not for the faint of heart. Not for the faint of stomach.


When she was a little girl, Ruka admired her father who was working as a policeman. And after his murder, she too engaged in the police, though it has become a private force making use of unrestrained violence. There has been an outbreak of mutants in Tokyo, who are able to modify their bodies at will to turn limbs into weapons. As part of the police, Ruka tracks them, but it seems that she and Key-Man, the leader of the mutants, are connected to each other through their past.

My verdict

As mentioned in the warning, this is THE most graphic movie I have seen so far and it seems impossible to overstate this fact. If you feel hardened enough, you may already peek at the film's trailer, but you have been warned! TGP also contains some sexual depictions but no pornography. The first 20 minutes are boring, B-movie style, but things get better. Much better. The visuals are highly stylized up to the point of fetishism. The body mutations are surreal and original. The story is very sound (provided you're OK with the idea of mutations). It treats of serious societal topics like privatization, unions, and how to keep a democratic control over the abuses of power that a police force may drift towards. For the hardened viewer who can stomach this level of violence and cope with the subpar special effects, TGP is really a good movie which deserves 4 stars.

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