Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Analysis paralysis

Analysis paralysis is a serious problem, of which I believe I suffer. It is the over-analysis of problems which results in nothing being done at all, instead of doing something that can be bad.

I have several topics I want to treat in my articles, but I want so much to give justice to the subjects I discuss that I think about these subjects through and through and through... trying to come up with a better approach... and in the end, I still don't have an article ready.

An example: since June of this year, Edward Snowden's revelations have cast an incredible light on the excessive spying by Uncle Sam on... well... on everybody in the world who uses Internet. I'd like to write 1 more or less definitive article encompassing all of this subject but I get paralyzed. Should I, instead, cut this big subject into several pieces and later create one more subject, merging everything together? probably. Or I could write 1 crude version of my master-article and refine it over the course of several days. But that doesn't seem right. It's not like I'm doing this professionally and creating a dossier. I'm just a blogger who wants to communicate interesting and sometimes complex topics in a simple way.

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