Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey Google! Stop bugging me on Youtube!

If you follow the IT business, last year Google regrouped all of its services under 1 common set of rules (or "Terms of services" or whatever you want to call that).

Now that the legal framework is in place, they're doing the technical job: in other words, they're linking accounts together and if people had accounts with different names, Google is trying to trick them into using 1 single account name. Of course, I might be totally misinterpreting Google's good intentions of making things smoother... but after 20 times sending me popups letting me know that it would be a good thing to use a single name, and never offering the option to say "stop bugging me", Google keeps pushing users.

Hey Google! Hear me? I don't want to use a single user name everywhere! You created a Google+ profile for my Youtube account but I don't give a rat's ass about Google+. JUST-STOP-BUGGING-ME!

So what's ahead of us? What's coming in the future?

More pushing, more tricking users. There's got to be some target KPI (key performance indicator), maybe 0.5% of Youtube users and when less than this amount of people still have more than 1 name, Google will choose for them. Mark my words! Quote me! And let's review this prediction in 2 years!

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