Saturday, September 14, 2013

100 articles

I published yesterday's article about travel kit without paying attention that it was my 100th published article.

Looking back on the past articles, some are of little value... you can't always be at your best... and some I think have merits. So here's a selection of articles I find worthy of note, in chronological order of publication.

  1. The Bayart scale
  2. What every Internet user should know: copyright and stuff
  3. Certificates, Apple, Microsoft and your life
  4. Quick Tip: screenshots
  5. Excel tutorial 01: basics
  6. Ninite: (re)installing or updating software
  7. Evolution 01
  8. Debate is essential
  9. Video games are good
  10. WOT (Web Of Trust)
  11. What happens when I'm dead
  12. Open-Space and productivity: a workaround
  13. Happy birthday handwashing
  14. Security
  15. Agency
  16. The square-cube law
  17. Introduction to programming
  18. The incredible story of bones
  19. Homeopathy: why it is dangerous
  20. Of cartoons and pedophiles
  21. Mobile phones and health
  22. Travel kit

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