Tuesday, September 24, 2013

French version of the blog

When I wrote my recent entry looking back at my first 100 articles and making a selection of the texts I value, I felt a regret about being unable to share these with some of my French friends. As far as I know, all my friends speak English and can read English. But they're not bilingual and it requires extra efforts from them to read English. And for many of them the extra effort is just not worth it.

That's why I've finally decided to propose a French blog. For now I will keep the English version as my main blog on which I create new articles and after a delay I will propose translated versions of my articles on the French blog. I will already have to deal with the backlog of 100 articles to translate so... wish me luck!


PS: as I mention in the 1st article of the French blog, I have chosen different colors in order to differentiate the 2 versions. Blue being the color of France (for football, rugby, the flag, etc.), I have logically chosen this color for the froggy version of the blog.

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