Monday, September 16, 2013

Planet Terror (2007) ★★★★☆


After quitting her job as a gogo dancer, Cherry stumbles upon Wray, the boyfriend she dumped 2 weeks prior. Down the road on a military base, an illegal deal turns sour between a group of soldiers and a chemist's henchmen. When the gun fight breaks a tank, a green gas is leaked into the air, turning most people into zombies. Cherry loses a leg to a zombie attack and is rushed to the hospital by Wray while the hospital is becoming overwhelmed by victims of the undead plague.

My verdict:

The cast is excellent and performs brilliantly: Rose McGowan, Jeff Fahey, Bruce Willis... The photography is voluntarily gritty, reproducing the feeling of old exploitation movies. Dialogues are witty and the scenes are flawless. And then, Rodriguez's special touch: a layer of WTF on top of a layer of WTF on top of a layer of WTF. Oh yeah!... and gore! If you're ok with B-movies, WTF and gore, then this is the movie for you! 4 stars!

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