Saturday, November 30, 2013

Connectify Hotspot Lite: turning your laptop into a wifi hotspot

What it is and where to find it

Sometimes you have a single connection to the internet and several devices that you would like to connect. This can happen for example in hotels where you only get a cable connection in which case your phone will have a hard time pulling your latest emails.

So I found a software which does the job. Its main qualities are:

  • free
  • easy to install and configure
  • and it does the job

There is also a non-free version ($25 per year or $40 for lifetime license), which means that the free version has a few downsides, but my personal experience is that the downsides are almost a non-issue except the wifi connection automatically stops after a few hours. I'm not sure exactly after how long. Maybe 12-24 hours or so...

You can find this software from its official website and then you can download the installer by clicking the following links:

  • Try Hotspot Lite, Limited Free Version
  • Download Connectify Now

  • What it looks like

    "Connectify-Erik" is the name of the wifi network created. The free version forces this name to start with "Connectify". Fair one!

    Next to the lock, you see zZr5n23Syx. This is my password (which I should change now). As you see, there's an option to hide it so nobody can pick it up from just looking at your screen.

    You see a button "Generate Password". It will generate strong enough passwords for you, made of random numbers and letters.

    And at the bottom, you find the button Start/Stop Hotspot.


    If you ever needed a software to share your internet connection through wifi, then this one does the job.


    After a few days, it seems the connection uptime is getting shorter, on the order of a single hour. That makes this free version less good, but it is still kind of good.

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