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Game of Thrones: Predictions

What are we talking about ?

The TV series Game of Thrones is a great one. It is full of memorable quotes, the characters are deep, diverse and have strong personality traits. The acting is also very good and all actors are charismatic.

I heard that the books are even better, but I just don't find it in me to pick the book series. The book series will be composed of 7 books in total and the author George R.R. Martin is currently in the process of writing the 6th volume. Seasons 1 & 2 of the TV series each covered a full book while seasons 3 (aired) and 4 (to be aired in 2014) each cover a half of the 3rd volume, reputed to be much bigger than the others.

In this series, almost everybody plots to end up sitting on the Iron Throne and become the ruler of the 7 kingdoms. But everybody makes enemies or has rivals to contend with and unlike other shows, you can't expect the good guys to win. Quite the contrary in fact. The good guys either get corrupted or they get betrayed, abused, vilified, tortured, and killed.

So, the outstanding question is: who will be sitting on the Iron Throne at the end?

So let's make predictions and come back to the subject at a later date to see how far off I've been.

(if you haven't watched until the end of season 3)


First things first: I think that whoever sits on the throne at the end of the story must have already been introduced by now... Now referring to the 3rd season of the TV show or the 1st half of the 3rd book.

Let's see my impressions character by character:

House Lannister

  • Jaime the Kingslayer: He is smart, committed, and familiar with politics. He would almost make it on a shortlist except he's not driven and has no interest in the throne.
  • Cersei: no way. She's too evil and too many people hate her. There's no way she'll die of old age.
  • Joffrey: Nope! He's a coward, he makes enemies without making friends, and he's not smart enough with politics.
  • Tyrion: He's too charismatic for his own good. But he's a smart politician, knows how to make friends and pays his debts. His loyalty to his family is a burden that prevents him from achieving more, but if Cersei, Tywin and Joffrey get out of the equation and if the wars with dragons and whitewalkers get bad enough, he'll get an opportunity to be at the center of alliances and shine as a natural leader. I'll shortlist him.
  • Tywin: He is too old and doesn't seem interested in the throne.
  • Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish: driven and smart. However, I don't see him forming any real bond of friendship with anyone, and that is a weakness. Like Varys, he would be a good spymaster but the conflict between his ambition and his true qualities will probably get him assassinated.
  • Varys: not interested in the throne.
  • The Hound: he's a true hero of sorts, cynical but good-minded. He seems too disgusted by the treacheries of politics to ever apply for the job.
  • Bronn: he doesn't have the ambition and is satisfied with the luxury of whatever comes his way, but given new circumstances of war, he could be pushed into positions of power that would force him into the political arena. He isn't a hero but he's probably as balanced a character as can be, like Tyrion, between loyalty and opportunity. I'll shortlist him.

House Baratheon

  • Brienne of Tarth: Strong and honorable, but not interested in politics. Even if she becomes a military leader, I don't see any possibility of her ever accepting a political role.
  • Margeary: she's a Cersei wannabe. She'll do anything to advance her career and she's smart about politics. She can make friends among the likes of Sansa but she doesn't fool smart people. If nobody assassinates her, somebody will find a way to intimidate her and give up her ambition for something smaller. Maybe becoming queen of 1 of the 7 kingdoms.
  • Stannis: too driven and too misled by Melisandre. He's being manipulated. Though ambitious and driven, he's honorable and when he realizes the mistakes he's made, I see him stepping down.
  • Melisandre: evil witch. She can't become ruler of the 7 kingdoms otherwise the whole population will turn on her.
  • Davos Seaworth: honorable and good. He's not a politician. He has great potential of turning his life around, though.
  • Gendry: He's just an average person, without obvious qualities for politics nor interest, even though he would be the rightful heir, being the only live real son of King Robert.

House Targaryen

  • Daenerys: she's an incredible character but I can't see her ending up on the throne. Magic (or dragon kin) cannot be what will put the last character on the Iron Throne. She'll have to die at some time.

House Stark

  • Sansa: she's weak, easily manipulated, and overall not smart about politics. Please George Martin! If you get rid of more Starks, get rid of her first!
  • Bran: his ability will certainly develop and he will certainly have an important role to play through this ability, but politics are not his thing. If Varys or Littlefinger could teach him, he could become very useful for gathering intelligence in enemy territory... Sooner or later, there will need to be an open war against the whitewalkers. But I don't see how life experiences could prepare him to climb on the throne. 
  • Arya: One of my favorite characters. Though she's young, she's incredibly brave. She has a good heart and she establishes friendships easily. Exposed to many trying experiences, she will learn a lot about politics, about commoners and socialites, about military tactics. She has even created a relationship with Tywin and there's no doubt that she'll have other trying experiences requiring her to summon the return of Jaqen H'Ghar. I'll shortlist her.
  • Jon Snow: too much involved with the Night's Watch for being a candidate to the Iron Throne.

House Greyjoy

  • Theon: He's in a difficult situation at the moment. Even if he gets out of it alive, there's nothing that indicates a potential for climbing on the Iron Throne.
  • Yara: She's strong and smart, but her interests are in the Iron Islands only. She would make a good leader for her islands and has the support of her people.


For now, the only 2 characters who appear as good candidates to hold the throne for a period of stability at the end are Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark. I'll have to come back to this post in the future to check how (in)accurate my prediction was.

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