Monday, November 11, 2013

Movements on the internet

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The internet has facilitated the creation of communities. Some communities will be unquestionably considered positively like the forums where software programmers lend a hand to each other. Some others will be almost unanimously bad like forums where people exchange tips on the creation of software viruses. And then a lot of communities will fall somewhere in the middle, and how we consider them will be a reflection of our very personal views.

I was listening to episode #215 of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe in which Adam Savage (host of the Mythbusters show) is being interviewed. And at some point, Adam mentioned the connection between the DIY community and the skeptic community. Which led me to the idea of creating a mind-map of sorts of the relationship between a few movements that have been enabled by the internet.

Green lines represent synergies, correlation, or positive interactions.
Red lines represent negative interactions

Undoubtedly, this is partial and each of these communities can be broken into subcategories. I also had to leave out some considerations like political affiliations other than conservative politics. For instance, libertarians tend to associate with the GOP which is (ever more) conservative, but libertarians do associate pretty well to the skeptic movement. As for liberals, it has become impossible to really identify their position clearly on any subject because policies have shifted so much towards the right since the year 2000 that I would consider some of them as left-wing and others as right-wing. It is a spectrum too broad to encompass under 1 single denomination.


It's not like there's any conclusion to be written about this. Hopefully it can help someone, maybe just myself, figuring out the relationship between groups. Maybe if any reader recognizes 1 group that he belongs to, that will give him the idea to go and check out related communities that he did not really know about.

PS: just noticed also a few missing lines like a red line between skepticism and anti-vaxers. Well... I'm too lazy to edit the picture now :-p

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