Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blood donation

Hospitals never have enough blood. Or rather, they may have enough blood sometimes, but blood can only be preserved and used for 6 weeks. That's why people are encouraged to donate blood on a regular basis.

2/3 of the blood will be used for people over 60 years old and the increase in life expectancy is driving this statistic upwards. In parallel with this increased demand, the supply is stable, with 1 in 38 people donating. The highest usage of blood seems to be targeted at people with cancer or leukemia undergoing chemotherapy.

After you donate blood, there are several things you should do:

  • press for 5 minutes on the part of your arm where the needle was, to prevent swelling
  • consume sugar, honey, or any other source of glucose to fuel your brain and prevent dizziness and a vasovagal response
  • drink a lot of water so it can be used to create new blood
  • eat blood pudding, blood sausage or other iron-rich foods to create new red cells
  • stay away from efforts, sport, driving

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