Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dark Crystal (1982) ★★★★★

The plot:

A thousand years ago, a crystal cracked and two races appeared simultaneously: The evil scheming Skeksis and the wise and good Mystics. The Skeksis have waged war and destruction, and committed genocide on the Gelflings, a race of good-spirited elf-like creatures. Jen, a young Gelfling who initially believes he is the last member of his race has been raised by the Mystics. As a stellar event is about to happen, with the conjunction of the 3 suns, Jen is sent on a quest to retrieve a shard of the crystal and prevent the Skeksis from obtaining the power that would give them immortality and allow them to rule the world forever.

My verdict:

This movie is broadcast almost every year on French television during the Christmas holidays and it is an all-time classic by Jim Henson, creator of the Muppet Show. If you've somehow managed to avoid it up until now, it's not too late. Of course, a full movie with muppets might be off-putting, especially considering the still faces that sort of fall in the Uncanny Valley but the story is compelling. The quest is epic and gears are in motion towards a cathartic ending. The characters are very stereotypical and evil characters are depicted as ugly, even frightening... which is why I would not recommend this movie to children under 8 years old. But this is the epitome journey of a hero and it appeals to everyone. So, 5 stars deserved.

Also, it needs to be mentioned: in the title, I listed the date of this movie as being 1982 but several re-releases on DVD and BluRay have provided improved graphics, so these versions may have your preference.

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