Friday, December 20, 2013

The bothersome man (2006) ★★★★☆


Andreas throws himself in front of a subway train. When he regains consciousness, a bus takes him to a strange city. Upon his arrival, he is expected and the city has everything for him: an apartment, a job, a wife. Life in the city is dull. Everything is smooth, tidy, tasteless. There is no ill but also no true pleasure. This kind of life is not what Andreas aspires to, and he will do everything to break free from the city.

My verdict

This is a surrealist fable. The divide between the city and our reality creates a comical effect. And still, there is something in common between the city and our world. Maybe the danger of living outside the norm. Or our complacency to live easy lives and keep away from any risk. The main character is a go-getter. He's the one we want to be, yet his experience is terribly unpleasant. He gives other people a fair chance to enjoy the things he enjoys, though. The main actor plays wonderfully and the whole script is wittily brilliant. 4 stars.

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