Thursday, December 12, 2013

Time magazine: a magazine of traitors

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Time magazine has announced its "Person of the Year 2013": Pope Francis.


In one of the most spineless moves in the history of journalism, Time magazine decided that it's best to be traitors to the people and remain friends with the establishment. Because you know... being a counter-power and fighting for the truth, it's not what journalism is about anymore.

I have no criticism at all about Pope Francis, and I appreciate him for a handful of good things he did this year. He spoke favorably of non-Christians and was inclusive of agnostics and atheists. He spoke against the corrupting power of money and how in the USA particularly, and in the world in general, we should modify the society to bridge the divide between the poor and the rich. Some of his words also suggested his opposition to the corruption going on in the bank of the Vatican and Banco Ambrosiano... a topic that can remind us about the strange circumstances of Pope John Paul the 1st's probable assassination.

So Francis is a good guy! But let's be honest! Whatever he did in 2013 cannot compare with the Snowden leaks. We're still figuring out new spying programs every week or so. A few days ago, we still learned that NSA had infiltrated online video games for spying on users' talks. This is nuts! All phone calls are recorded. All letters and parcels sent by post are monitored. All the websites you visit are monitored. All your Skype calls are monitored. All your emails are copied to the NSA. The type of porn you prefer is analyzed (pun not intended). I mean: I was already thinking about the Time's "person of the year" a few weeks ago and I was certain that nobody else could be chosen. And I stand by that!

I think Pope Francis was not chosen. I think Snowden was simply and purely demoted as a political maneuver from Time magazine. RIP journalism!

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