Friday, January 3, 2014

VisaMapper: where can my passport take me?

Foreword: VisaMapper has been mentioned on a major blog today and as a result, it is slow. But it should be alright tomorrow. And yes! that's where I discovered it.

VisaMapper is a cool website showing the visa conditions for every nationality. Provided that data is up to date, it's a useful tool for travelers.

It will take work, though, to keep everything up to date. With about 200 countries in the world, there are roughly 40,000 combinations of nationality/destination to keep track of. Also, the map is not perfect, missing countries like Luxembourg and Kosovo, not naming correctly the Democratic Republic of Congo, not taking into account the split of Sudan and South Sudan... but these are minor flukes.

Also, what would be precious is a link to the official source of information of visa conditions because when you're a traveler, you want certainty and you don't want to take the risk of being turned down at the airport's check-in or at arrival.

Another idea of future functionality for this website would be to find compatible destinations for couples of different nationalities. I have been in a relationship with a lady of a different nationality and it's kind of stressful to find countries with visa conditions that accommodate both people.

Last but not least

Let's play a little game! Get your map up! Just by looking at the map and the cut of borders, how many countries are you able to name correctly? Before I started travelling, I think I would have got 20 or 30 countries right. Now, I'm around 90. Knowing the location of countries is also helpful to understand international news.

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