Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why there's been no recent post

Writing and researching takes a lot of time.

Of course every blogger is different. Some of them use their blog like a long version of twitter where they'll tell every detail of their life. Others use their blog like a version of delicious to keep a list of bookmarks. Some simply use it as a gallery of photos. My personal use of my blog is to write meaningful articles. And if I don't succeed in this, at least that's what I'm trying to achieve. And with this purpose in mind, it takes me longer to produce articles than it would to just tell about my last sandwich.

When writing about a topic, you want to research it. In my case, it takes me to 3 main destinations:

  • Wikipedia, which I've already praised in a poorly written article
  • Google, which takes me to a variety of blogs and web sites
  • YouTube, which provides plenty of videos on almost any subject

But what you don't see, if you don't have a blog of your own, is that research takes a hell of a lot of time. Typically, I think a 2-pages-long article takes 6 hours to put out. Maybe it's because I'm slow. Or maybe it's because I'm thorough.

The article I'm currently writing about is on the topic of sex, gender, sexual orientation and genetics. It could be broken into several articles, but I think it makes sense to keep things in a coherent global article. Certainly, there will be room to expand on the subject of transgenderism, but for now I'm busy researching a variety of sub-topics and that's why I haven't published anything new in a few days.

So I'm still blogging. I'm just held back by a big pile of documents to process.

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