Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fitness Day 5

So let's call last Thursday (March 20th) "Day 1" of my fitness program, since I had a 90 minutes trial mentioned in a recent blog article. Today (Monday) is therefore "day 5" or "D5".

On D2, I felt very good. I had sore muscles, though. Especially biceps and pecs. But I felt more energy than other days. Was this just a psychological effect? Or was this a hormonal effect triggered by D1's trial? I know that after being hurt, our brain releases endorphin, the pleasure hormone, in order to cope with the pain. So it could be that!

On D3 and D4 I still had sore muscles. As I build muscles, the soreness should be less persistent and go away in 1 day maximum. At least, that was my experience when I used to go running every couple of days, 10 years ago.

Today is D5 and I officially subscribed and did my training session. In terms of exercises, I did almost the same as last time except I skipped the abs, spent 15 minutes cycling and 25 minutes on the cardio. I can already notice some improved performance on the bench press and the squats (which I've also done at home during the past days).

Tomorrow is gonna hurt but I feel good. I still have my big belly, but this is just the beginning.

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