Thursday, March 6, 2014

One issue with blog platforms

This article will be very short, because I have an appointment in a few minutes.

When you own a blog on a platform like blogger, you're limited in tools to identify and/or block the undesired visitors... in short: automated spam software that tries to publish comments in order to advertise for some commercial website selling whatever products.

This is a tiny blog in terms of visits and the majority of my visitors seem to be spam bots and other malicious software. Ideally, I should have my own server and write my blog on a blogging platform that I would customize for my needs. But that's an ideal case and I don't really have the resources to do that at the moment.

Blogger offers some identification of spam comments but it only works partially. It's not as good as the email spam filters. And I'm also kind of scared of having my Google account falling into a bad standing with Google if the majority of visits comes from malicious software. That's why I have phased one of my articles offline in the meantime as it was particularly targeted.

Gotta go to my appointment. I told you this would be a short article!

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