Thursday, April 3, 2014

Windows XP is D-E-A-D

Back in January, I was already publishing an article about Windows XP that was going to be discontinued by Microsoft. This is happening NOW. Or rather, this is happening on April 8th, merely 5 days from now.

Microsoft is likely to release an ultimate security update on April 8th but then it's over ; you're on your own. If new viruses are put out there... you're done. 28% of computers in the world are still using Windows XP.

So, try and think like an evil virus programmer who wants to steal credit card details from people or do something shady like encrypt people's hard drive and take their data hostage until they pay a ransom of 20-30 dollars. Will you spend your programming efforts on making a virus for Windows 7 which is a tough nut to crack and for which Microsoft is still publishing regular updates? or will you attack 28% of computers (that should be around 500 million computers) which you know are not protected anymore? There's no doubt. After April 8th, viruses for Windows XP will be like a disease that remained dormant for a while but then suddenly produces its effects with full force.

If you still have Windows XP on your computer, you have only 5 days to do something about it.

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