Thursday, November 20, 2014

Time magazine: a magazine of cowards

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article which I entitled Time magazine: a magazine of traitors, as they suppressed Edward Snowden's unquestionable role as man of the year 2013. They instead nominated Pope Francis, and when people look back on Time magazine's persons of the year in a decade, they very well may have no idea of what really went on in 2013.

This year, it's not about the person of the year. Since 2011, Time magazine has been inviting the public to vote for the words that should be banned in the year to come. The list this year included the word "feminist". According to the person (a woman, btw!) who crafted the list, people at Time magazine are kind of bored with every celebrity having to declare publicly that they are a feminist. Hence the presence of the word "feminist" in the list of candidates for words to be banned next year.

Since I've been paying real attention to feminism, and that would be the last 2 years, I've seen that the current feminist movement is not anymore about equality. The feminist movement has always been diverse. It has always counted in its ranks men and women whose views differed on some issues. For instance, the 2nd wave of feminism brought the whole movement to a stop as a result of the divide between sex-positive feminists (pro-porn, pro-prostitution) and the sex-negative feminists (anti-porn, anti-prostitution). There are other divides. Today the feminist movement is, as far as I can tell, in majority led by "radical feminists", whose analyses and interpretation of society is what we call "feminist theory", being taught in "gender studies" or "feminist studies". This kind of academia is rooted in postmodernism, which I'd personally call voodoo. The defense of equality has vanished and today's 3rd wave feminist movement is about playing the victim card, which works wonders in the media, and pretending that men are all stupid, incapable of empathy, potential rapists, mansplainers, rape apologists and whatnot. To make a long story short, today's feminism is about claiming that anyone who disagrees with you should not even be given a chance to explain themselves in the media because giving them this opportunity would be a denial of your very own very precious very true side of the story. And with the exception of a few wonderful outlets like The David Pakman Show, who covered pretty well the GamerGate scandal, the media has been taken for a ride by feminists.

So, Time magazine launched its poll to know what word should be banned. AVFM (A Voice For Men, a Men's Rights Movement association) has encouraged its listeners to vote and ban the word "feminist". Then 4chan did the same. And after a few days, the results were crystal clear. "Feminist" was ranked #1 on the list of words to be banned, with 45% of the votes. Word #2 garnered 14% of the votes, while all the rest got between 1% and 4%. So there was no debate. The "winner" was a no-brainer. And that's when Time magazine caved to the feminist associations who petitioned it to remove the word "feminist" from the poll. And that is exactly what Time did. Those cowards! Those spineless journalists! There is a real debate to be had in society about feminism and not surrendering to the surreal interpretations that radical feminists (leaders of the movement) give about reality. There is a real debate to be had about what inequalities women still endure, but also which ones men do endure as well. After all, the life expectancy of men is years shorter than that of women. Men are depicted as clueless in advertisement. Men are denied access to free breast cancer screenings, even though men also fall victim to this disease. Men undergo stressful jobs. They're still expected to be the breadwinners. Yet they achieve less academic success than women. They're still expected to be the one who makes the first step in a relationship. They're the ones who predominantly put their lives at risk in military duty. They're more often the target of violence. Their livelihood is threatened by the payment of alimony in case of divorce with women predominantly obtaining care of the children. And in the USA, taking into account the imprisoned population, rape on a man is more frequent than rape on a woman.

There is a valid conversation to be had, a valid debate to be taking place, about genders and about how the feminist movement is not anymore about feminism, if you consider feminism to be the promotion of equality. Time magazine doesn't like pressure. Time magazine doesn't like debates. Time magazine cowered and it decided to pull the word "feminist" from the list of words to ban. Shame on you, Time magazine! How long ago did you ban the word "journalism"?

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