Sunday, March 1, 2015

You cannot be what you want to be but you can do something

We all have desires or dissatisfaction. We all want to be different, better. We all want to have something we don't have. We want to be strong, beautiful, admired, rich, loved, happy, smart, creative, attentive, nurturing, responsible, dependable, resilient, relentless, forgiving, just, skilled, etc. We want to be Sean Connery, George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr. but we also want to be Bob the neighbor who has a happy family despite being quite poor.

We cannot be everything we want to be. But we can do things. Through action, we become different. What do you aspire to, that you don't already have? What will it take to get what you want or at least to get you halfway there? Do you want 30 extra minutes of free time everyday to play with your children or to supervise their homework? Then you need to jump out of work 30 minutes earlier everyday. Either you'll work 30 minutes less or you'll have to do this work later in the night after your children have gone to bed.

These changes have a cost. They cost us time, money, fatigue, friendships, sacrificed hobbies, etc. but these changes are what takes us on the road towards the ever shifting goals that we set for ourselves. It's not about reaching these goals. It's about walking the walk of life towards goals, looking back, and being pleased with the miles we've put behind ourselves.

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