Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The purpose of political elections

Today, I found this photo in a Facebook friend's timeline. It says: "don't forget to go and vote for skilled people who will save us from the bad guys!".

I may be somewhat disillusioned concerning politics but also disillusioned concerning people. Most people who vote are not smart. They do not understand politics. They do not understand money and economy. They do not know about geopolitics, economic intelligence and/or economic warfare, environment, science, etc. Many of them also vote for their own petty selfish interest, even if it harms their grandchildren, their son, their daughter, etc. In the end, people's vote is ignorant. You could grant children the right to vote and it would probably not change a thing because people's vote is a mix of randomness and feelings, rather than rationality and knowledge acquired through countless hours of reading political news and watching/listening to interviews and digging into encyclopedias.

I'm not sure I will vote any time soon.

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